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Black-crowned Night-Heron – Venice Rookery, Florida

March 28, 2014

Black-crowned Night-Heron photographed at the Venice Rookery, Florida:

Black-crowned Night-Heron at Venice Rookery, Florida Canon EOS 7D 500mm IS f/4 lens

– for more detailed view and EXIF data, please click on the image –

Interesting facts:

– Black-crowned Night Heron nest in groups that often include other species, including herons, egrets, and ibises.

– A breeding Black-crowned Night-Heron will brood any chick that is placed in its nest. The herons apparently don’t distinguish between their own offspring and nestlings from other parents.

– Young Black-crowned Night-Herons leave the nest at the age of 1 month but cannot fly until they are 6 weeks old. They move through the vegetation on foot, joining up in foraging flocks at night.

– The oldest Black-crowned Night-Heron on record was 21 years, 1 month old. – Scientists find it easy, if a bit smelly and messy, to study the diet of young Black-crowned Night-Herons—the nestlings often disgorge their stomach contents when approached. – source Cornell Lab

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