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Rough-legged Hawk, Meadowlands, New Jersey

February 18, 2014

Winter birdwatching and bird photography in Northeastern New Jersey, can be very productive at the Richard W. DeKorte Park in Lyndhurst. This park provides great opportunities to see Arctic migrants, especially after the snowfall. This year, numerous Snowy Owls and Rough-legged hawks could be seen in the park. Couple years back, DeKorte Park was a winter home for a Northern Shrike as well. Additionally, Red-tailed Hawks, Northern Harriers and American Kestrels can be seen there daily, hunting over the landfills. Most of the action can be seen along the Disposal Rd., which is very popular with local bird photographers. This is also where I took this photograph, of a light morph Rough-legged Hawk flying right above the road and looking straight down to the camera:

Rough-legged Hawk Light Morph flying at the DeKorte Park, Meadowlands, NJ - Canon EOS 1Dx 600mm IS f/4 II 1.4x extender III

Photograph taken with a 1Dx camera and 600mm f/4 lens II + 1.4x extender III – for larger view and EXIF data, please click on the image

The name “Rough-legged” Hawk refers to the feathered legs. The Rough-legged Hawk, the Ferruginous Hawk, and the Golden Eagle are the only American hawks to have legs feathered all the way to the toes.

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