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EOS 7D – AI Servo tracking – accidental test

December 11, 2009

Originally, I was writing the longer post for today, but it was going in different direction that I originally planned.
That is why I will try to keep this post short and informative…

Basically, I want show you how well the new Canon EOS 7D works, while photographing moving subject and with obstacles entering the frame. I want to add that this mostly depends on your camera settings, especially: Custom Function III.
For the following series of shots, I was shooting in AV mode (aperture priority) set to f/7.1 with 1 full stop of overexposure and ISO 400. This gave me a shutter speed of 1/1250s. Those settings were previously set to keep the eagle’s head well exposed.

Please note that eagle isn’t on the center of the frame (my fault) but camera kept focus anyway – this is where the extra focusing points of 7D come handy 😉

Note about the pictures:
These pictures are a downsized full frames (not cropped, only resized for the web). No editing, except slight sharpening, was done.
Shots were taken with Canon 400mm f/5.6 lens, using the AI Servo mode, 8fps burst, center AF Point Expansion.

Eagle flew behind the tree, but camera keeps the focus on the bird

camera still keeps the focus on the main subject (this is where xxD series camera would fail)

another picture with focus on the Bald Eagle

To see larger pictures please visit my website: Greg Gard

When I saw the eagle behind the tree, I stopped shooting. Now, I regret that I didn’t continue taking more pictures. This would be interesting to see when the camera will eventually fail to focus.

For this kind of photography, I keep my camera’s Auto Focus custom settings set as follow:

C. Fn. III
1 – one stop before SLOW setting
2 – 0
3 – 0
4 – 1

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