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December 4, 2009

Hello and Welcome to my blog!

Purpose of creating this blog is just another way to push myself to sort thru constantly growing pile of photos which I need to develop and upload to my website. With digital photography it is very easy to grow the image library to unmanageable size in very short time. I found myself in this situation some time ago and now I’m trying to dig myself out from this problem.

What can I say? With the full time job, totally unrelated to photography, and with usual troubles one can encounter each day, there is no enough time to do it in the constant and effective manner.

My goal is to write a post, at least once a week, with either a photo I will find in my library or with a new photo I will take during that week.,,

For the past two years I found myself spending more time with nature than ever before. Wildlife and birds became my favorite subjects to photograph and that is what you will see the most in my future posts. I will also share with you some technical information on the gear and technique I’m using.

What I’m looking forward are your comments. I will be happy to read any criticism, ideas or questions. Who knows, maybe someone will get something positive from this blog too 🙂

Please be patient with me, as I figure out all the “ins” and “outs” of the blogging world. Not only I’m new to this but I’m very shy person too…


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